We would recommend that you come and talk to us first to make sure that your ability to secure a mortgage is available to you. We will then be able to give you an idea on how much of a mortgage you could secure, to ensure your property search is realistic and achievable. We will also be able to give you guidance on what fees you may encounter with your forthcoming purchase, including solicitor fees and Stamp Duty.
This will largely depend on the type of application you are submitting, however generally speaking we would need to see:
  • Employed - latest three months’ pay slips and latest P60.
  • Self-Employed – your last two years accounts.
  • Latest three month’s bank statements showing salary credits.
  • Passport or driving licence.
  • Council tax or utility bill dated within the last three months.
  • Credit file from Experian (if you have had any adverse credit history in the past).
  • Latest mortgage statement.
  • HMRC confirmation letter for income derived from tax credits or child benefit.
  • Latest pension statement.
This list is not exhaustive or restrictive, so just because you don’t have two years trading accounts if you are self-employed, it does not mean we could not secure you are mortgage. Your Mortgage Adviser will be able to give you a more accurate list at the start of your application.
Life Insurance is not compulsory with any mortgage application, however, we will always look to ensure you are aware of your options to ensure that both your family and yourself is protected, should the worst happen. We are Authorised and Regulated to provide Advice on Insurances that would adequately cover you and any liabilities you may have.
SVR stands for Standard Variable Rate, which is a rate that your lender places you on when you have either finished an introductory fixed, discount or tracker rate. It usually means you are free to move from your bank with no penalties. It is likely you are paying more in interest then you need to be, as SVRs are usually higher than new available rates. Contact us and we can see how much we could potentially save you on your mortgage.
Not necessarily. You may be on a high interest rate and it could be cost effective in the long term to break out of your fixed rate. These calculations can be tricky, so it’s best to speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers to allow them to see what your options are. If you are wanting to move home and you have Early Redemption Charges, then we could potentially move (port) your mortgage with you, which could prevent these charges being incurred. Contact us for further details on mortgage porting.
Whilst this does depend on the complexity of your mortgage application, we will always aim to obtain a mortgage offer within 3 weeks of your initial appointment with your Mortgage Adviser. However, this is worst case scenario and it will often be sooner than this.
Once a full application has been made to a lender and the lender is willing to agree the mortgage, then a Formal Mortgage Offer is provided to you. This confirms that the lender will provide a mortgage to you, subject to nothing material to the application, changing from the point of application to the point of completion. The Offer Document is sent to yourself, your broker and your appointed solicitor.
This does change from lender to lender, but most Mortgage Offers will last between 3 – 6 months. The length of the offer may depend on whether you are purchasing a property or remortgaging. Your Mortgage Adviser will factor in which lender is most appropriate based on your circumstances and how long your Offer needs to last.
Well, this will depend on the previous credit issues you have experienced. Whilst credit issues may scare away some of the High-Street Banks, having access to over 70 lenders will give us as many options as possible to place your mortgage with a suitable lender. All we ask is you provide as much information to us as possible and we will try our hardest to secure that mortgage for you. A good starting point will be to check your credit report and provide a copy to your Mortgage Adviser. They will use this as a foundation to your mortgage application.
This will depend on what you want to happen with the mortgage. If you want to continue owning in the property and the mortgage is affordable, we will be able to guide you through a process called ‘Transfer of Equity’. This will change the structure of the property ownership into a sole name from joint names. Contact us if you have further questions on this point.
Your bank will only present what they have on offer and they will never discuss their competitors’ rates. However, using an unbiased mortgage broker like ourselves, will open up all the options available to you. We will ensure that you are going onto the most appropriate mortgage for your circumstances and your needs having considered all of your options. If it still works out better for you to stick with your bank, then we will advise you of this and you won’t have paid us a penny!
Absolutely. We work closely with a few highly recommended solicitors that we can direct you to.

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